Normondoll Sex Doll LHP

What is sexdoll LHP?

LHP (Love Hole Placement) refers to the location of the sex doll’s genital area. This is a very important design element that directly affects the user experience of the doll. If the LHP is not designed properly, it may make it difficult for the user to insert in certain sexual positions, or require insertion at an unnatural angle.

Normondoll about sex dolls have LHP defects

Sex dolls from brands such as 6YE, SE Doll, and JY Doll have LHP defects. For example, the LHP of 6YE dolls is not accurate in some styles; SE Doll dolls have LHP problems in most styles; JY Doll dolls have LHP problems that even cause users to constantly repair the dolls during sexual activities. Excerpts from dollforum data sources are as follows:

UpperLower from dollform member review: 

6ye was my brand of choice due to their nice butts and LHP. Sadly I haven’t seen any innovation or improvements and they seem to be lagging behind the S-TPE, a variety of soft silicone ROS heads, hard hands and/or feet, skeleton improvements, and everything else their competitors are coming out with.

I have an amor doll and 2 premium dolls. The only difference really is my Amor is more accurate with LHP. My Premium 158A is pretty damned close to accurate while my Premium 150B is good, but not great LHP. So not all 6YE dolls have great LHP, but most of their latest dolls do.

UpperLower from dollform member review:

Sexdoll LHP: My concern though was when reading a review, it stated that the hip motor has to stop at the right position in order to stand the doll. I also saw videos of SE Doll’s BJ movement. The upright movement looks like it could be satisfying, but laying down seems to put more motion at the hips rather than the mouth. It was this and the fact that SE DOLL has poor LHP on the majority of their dolls turns me off. However, without complaints, I do have one of their soft silicone ROS heads.

JYDoll LHP: Is the Love Hole Placement anatomically accurate? This is the deal breaker decision regardless if I’m attracted to a doll or not. If I cannot enjoy doggy style or other many positions without tearing the holes or having to uncomfortably angle myself to get in it, I pass on the doll. I was highly attracted to my JY 170cm Abby doll, but it was the one doll I owned that had bad LHP and I got tired of repairing it.

Reliability. While last on the pecking order, it can still make or break the urge to purchase a doll. If it’s a doll factory I haven’t heard of, I usually wait. Most often I find new doll companies making their dolls with bad LHP and if you’re a new company that is not up to date on proper LHP, then I’ll take my purchase elsewhere.

Here above it, Give us a tip

As a sex doll user, I think we should ask the manufacturer to provide a more accurate LHP design. The design of LHP directly affects our experience of using the doll, if the LHP is not designed accurately, it may cause us to feel uncomfortable when using the doll, which could potentially lead to damage to the doll.

In 2024, the dollforum community of sexdoll fans focused their attention on LHP. They actively shared LHP posts that brought bad experiences every day. As well as, In 2023, Normondoll received numerous feedback from customers about LHP issues. Our design team actively improved our products. In January 2024, Normondol successfully developed a 1:1 simulated human body, especially in line with LHP, allowing customers to enjoy the happiness brought by different sex positions.

In particular, Normond was recognized by customers for a doll 163 full silicone with cara and althea heads, fellow hot appreciate reviews:

First and the biggest difference is the softness all over! Ordered with a gel butt and boobs, but the waist, thighs, hips and most other areas are surprisingly soft. The thighs even jiggle! When you grab the hips or waist, you can get a handful! This doll is insane soft all over and no weird body lines from the gel butt at all. Very well built.

Second, realness factor is fantastic! The skin, texture, faces, body shape, boobs, love holes, everything looks as real as it gets! The evo is tight but not overly tight, legs move easily and at times under their own weight a little, which is great!

Third and important because I have seen issues on other reviews is LHP. I was actually worried about this, but to my surprise, the LHP is nearly perfect. No issues from front or back at all. See pics. Also, this one is fixed and the vagina has a cervix/uterus built into the end. Nice touch that they should advertise! Both holes are very soft, much softer than other silicone dolls I’ve had.

Anyway, so far so good. Absolutely gorgeous doll made with very high quality and I would highly recommend this over many others!

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