Normondoll Opinions about LHP

1. LHP (Love Hole Placement) refers to the location of the sex doll’s genitals. This is a very important design element because it directly affects the experience of the doll’s user. The location of the LHP should conform to the specific anthropomorphic position, that is, it should mimic the location of a real person’s genitals.

2. In real life, the correct position LHP, when given to users in different sexual positions, different sexual users have different insertion experiences. Some people say that the vagina of the doll is just right; some people say that the vagina continues to move back a little bit, or they think that the vagina extends backward. Therefore, determining whether the LHP experience is good or not depends on personal feelings. “This view is feasible.

    2.1 From an anthropological standpoint, individual body structure is different, so everyone may have different feelings about the position of LHP. This is like preferences for apples and bananas. These are personal, subjective feelings, with no right or wrong.

    2.2 From the standpoint of practical application, the main function of sex dolls is to provide users with sexual experience, therefore, it is essential to consider the user’s personal feelings. If a user feels that the vaginal position of the doll is just right, then for this user, the LHP of this doll is good. On the contrary, if a user feels that the vaginal position of the doll needs to be moved back a little bit, or that the vagina needs to be extended backward, then for this user, the LHP of this doll is not good.

    2.3 Therefore, we can conclude that how to determine whether the LHP experience is good or not is ultimately a matter of personal experience. This is because everyone’s body structure, sexual positions, and personal preferences are different, so everyone’s experience of LHP will also be different.

    3. As a Normondoll factory, we should start from the use’s perspective and strive to meet the diverse needs of customers. We can gather user feedback to identify their specific needs for LHP, and then prioritize these needs during the design and production process. At the same time, we should also pay attention to product quality and safety to ensure that our products can meet user needs while also ensuring user safety.

    The Following is bad LHP Picture from dollforum:

    No butthole and no labia

    classic! Here perfect bad LHP Design

    Here LHP is better bad placement in body-Bellyvagina

    Epic fail from the start !

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