Normondoll Advanced Customized Real-life Experience

Normodoll release a new 170cm range that aims to set an industry benchmark in realism. Every aspect of this advanced custom-made doll demonstrates unparalleled craftsmanship and aesthetics, from its delicate face to every inch of its delicate body curves. Attention to detail is evident in the range of make-up looks from face to body detail.

realistic sex doll Taylor series:

1-170CM/5ft6 C Cup Super Realistic Skin Silcione Sex Doll Taylor 1 – Normon doll,the best realistic silicone sex dolls supplier

2-170CM/5ft6 C Cup Super Realistic Skin Silcione Sex Doll Tori Bush – Normon doll,the best realistic silicone sex dolls supplier

3-170CM/5ft6 C Cup Super Realistic Skin Silcione Sex Doll Tari – Normon doll,the best realistic silicone sex dolls supplier

Blonde hairstyle, rich and expressive face, more realistic and beautiful woman’s face. The lips are thick, the eye sockets are obviously sunken, you can choose different single and double eye and color lids, the nose is high with sharp edges, and there are contour marks on both sides of the nose. Whether it is a pair of single and double eye-lids that can be customised to suit individual preferences, or a noticeably high nose bridge and vivid nostrils, they all reflect our ultimate quest for beauty.

The body is dark, and our common brand dolls have a bright shine, but the body surface of Normodoll dolls is matte. Therefore, depending on the environment under different lighting scenes, she will show a shocking natural beauty.

Her breasts are C cup size, she also wears hollow tights, and the ravine line between her breasts is highlighted on her chest. From top to bottom, the cleavage line changes from shallow to deep and extends down to the edge of the breasts. Of course, this is what attracts us sex doll fans. So we can play with different action positions to make every curve of the doll’s figure reveal its irresistible charm.

Let us take another look at the doll’s realistic arms. A single arm accentuates irregularities in different shades. A closer look at the elbow of the arm can reveal the texture of the person’s skin. What’s even more surprising is that her palms have clear and different arcs, and the lines extend at different angles. Looking forward, the back of her hand is even more unique. Compared to WM Doll, JY, YLdoll, ORDoll and Piper, among others, the realistic doll’s hand has silicone skin, bulging veins and 5 finger joints with different textures. Human body texture display.

Our doll weighs only 35.5kg lighter than other dolls of the same size, which weigh over 40kg.

The new dolls on the market are made of silicone material. These dolls are made like lifelike sex dolls with human skin texture, soft to touch, super soft gel breasts, gel buttocks and very soft skin. This unique processing technology is comparable in quality and softness to the silicone dolls of rival brand Zelexdoll.

Normon uniquely adds skin pimple texture structures to human body parts. These fine pimples are evenly distributed on the most exciting parts of the body, such as the folds around the areola of the breast and small pimples on the buttocks and knees of the legs. The design of these subtle pimpled structures seems to be a preparatory activity to stimulate orgasmic passion before sexual contact with a mature emotional partner who has known you for many years.

Designed for intimate contact, the lifelike doll’s vagina is deep and real, and its inner structure of tight folds simulates the feeling of a real person. Each time it is penetrated, the user can experience a gentle enveloping sensation that is no less than that of real skin. Of course, you can customise the private contact area, whether you choose a relaxed fit or enjoy the passionate feeling of breaking through the wall. The design team at the Normondoll factory further refines the fine private contact areas according to your sexual thoughts, maximising the user’s desire for different sexual experiences.

The design team at the Normondoll factory works hard on your private sexual preferences, listening to your every need and creating a perfect companion for you that meets your every expectation for fine craftsmanship and fitting experience.