Normon Doll 170 Is The Best Realistic Sex Doll

NormonDoll recently released their newest silicone life size sexdoll, the 170cm tall girl.
This extremely realistic body has the ultimate in body detail and superb body paint. The detail
extends to the realistic looking skin the perfectly detailed nipples and vagina, even down to the
exquisite detailing on her knees, hands and feet.

Teaming up with her perfect detail is her super soft gel breasts, gel buttocks and very soft skin.
She has hard bottles feet for protection and harder hands to eliminate the problems of other dolls
that experience poking through of the skeleton. Given that issue, she also has standard fully
articulated hands and fingers.

Sha has a standard M16 body thread so she will look stunning with any head thats she is chosen
to be matched with. NormonDoll are the industry leaders when it comes to the level of
professional makeup on their heads. It is truely perfection.

Being 170cm tall, she is quite light at 35.5kg. She weighs a lot less than other brand smaller
silicone dolls, so she is very manageable to carry.

Her skeleton is amazingly smooth and can be posed in many varied poses. She is very stable
when posed in more difficult poses buy always feels very solid on her feet.

For photography purposes, she is a delight to photograph. Her smooth but tight joints of her
skeleton, hold poses extremely well. For when the mood heads to the bedroom for some intimate
fun, she will hold any position extremely well. This will make sex all the much better as you will not
be fighting with her to change positions.

NormonDoll have really excelled in the 170cm body, as they have with their whole range.
For further details on this incredible doll, head over to their website for not only the 170cm doll,
but their entire range.

Write by :Mark Counse

Link to Product:

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