About Normondolll Manufacturer Profile

Before the Normondoll brand was founded, the Normondoll factory makeup team had been engaged in the production of wax figures and lifelike dolls. In the domestic lifelike doll industry, the lifelike dolls manufactured by Normondoll are the most realistic. The wax figures as similar to the wax figures in Madame Medusa’s Museum. We provide lifelike dolls that can be customized to resemble any individual, including but also movie stars or world-famous scientists or politicians. Some of clients are from China, and some are famous foreign superstars. Our wax figures are crafted with artistic precision and are deigned to resemble real people.

More than a decade ago, we created Xiaoqian, a famous beauty in the doll industry, for Dongguan Junying (JYDOLL) Company. To date, Xiaoqian is still a very classic character. We also crafted Mo Xiaodi, a well-known figure in the industry, for SYDOLL. This shows that our realistic makeup on simulation dolls is top-notch. We previously specialize in processing and manufacturing wax figures, and processing makeup for some doll brands. This time, we started to produce silicone dolls independently. For our factory, this represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Normondoll leverages its expertise in manufacturing simulation wax figures and learning simulation doll production technology in the same industry. The heads produced by Normondoll are highly realistic, and the body makeup is more realistic than that of other factories, with more details on the body. Especially our 170 ultra-realistic body, all the details are amazing. our dolls feature soft, natural-looking designs for the chest, things, and abdomen. just like the real human body, instead of the traditional hard-bound silicone dolls.

The Normondoll factory has been engaged in helping other brands to process customized makeup, this has involved helping other brands to create women who are in line with a specific era, a certain workplace, and women with different personalities and temperaments, Example of brands that have benefited from this service including Jiusheng, ZELEX, and AXB.

Given that we have been behind service for these well-known sexy brand dolls, we are pleasant to report that we have made extraordinary progress. our craftsmanship in manufacturing realistic human body sexy dolls is unquestionably second to none in the domestic industry. Since the establishment of the Normondoll factory, the design styles of our realistic human body dolls have tended to be world standards, and some doll design styles aligning with closely with the modern sex doll market. Our products cater to diverse sexual desires and preference, appealing to a board range of gender groups.

If you have great ideas, provide your them. the Normodoll team will help you realize them. Our advantage is not only the perfect lifelike design of the full-size human body doll, but also our ability to highlight the makeup designed for you in different occasions, with every detail in place. So, if you are buying our sexy dolls for the first time, please don’t worry. We have a doll business manager who has been in this business for six years. You can customize the doll parts, including the head, body, buttocks, chest, etc. In addition to the above key parts of the doll, we also focus on LHP design to enhance the user’s sexual user experience. What’s more valuable is that the simulated human body dolls we guarantee that the image of the character provided by you with high-definition pictures is the same.