About AXB Sex Doll Profile, Here You are Looking for Your Love Something.

Support for Catdoll from AXB

During 2016, AXB dolls and Catdoll had a commercial cooperation. Catdoll was originally the sales agent of AXB dolls.Therefore, the design and development of Catodoll brand series products in the market are all done by AXB dolls. Until Catdoll opened its first factory in 2018, Catdoll strictly implemented the resale business.Catdoll started product manufacturing before it had its own design team and high-end sculptors, so it used AXB dolls’ design products for direct copying.

AXB dolls come out on their own

Now that AXB Doll has expanded its brand development team and is equipped with the latest high-end 3D scanning equipment, more and more customers understand and love the new AXB Doll brand, and the brand will continue to expand its brand awareness.

The AXB brand will cover a variety of product lines, including but not limited to dolls of different heights, skin tones, hairstyles and even clothing choices.In addition, some brands may also provide accessories and maintenance tools to help customers maintain and store their dolls.

In addition, the AXB brand offers life-size sex dolls made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone materials, with a range of sizes and optional features. Buyers can select their favourite doll heads and accessories for a more personalised experience.

AXBdolls.com lists the main product features of its business, including TPE and silicone love dolls of various sizes and styles.The features of the types of products sold under the AXB brand are as follows:

1.    AXBDOLL 140CM A84# full body TPE love doll

2.    AXBDOLL 167CM G45# full silicone realistic sex doll love doll

3.    AXBDOLL 155CM GE108# full silicone realistic sex doll love doll

4.    AXBDOLL GE108-1 soft head with detachable chin

5.    AXBDOLL 65CM A05#TPE anime sex doll

6.    AXBDOLL 140CM A86# full body TPE love doll

7.    AXBDOLL GE108-2 soft head with detachable chin

8.    AXBDOLL 155CM GE17Z# Full silicone realistic sex doll love doll

9.    AXBDOLL 108CM GB26#TPE cute sex doll anime love doll

10.  Various accessories, such as wigs, doll heads, eyes, etc.

Dolls of these specifications and functional materials can be found on the official website, or products that meet personal preferences and needs can be found through the search bar at the top.

The main features of AXB sex dolls

Small and different sizes

The realistic appearance of AXB sex dolls, there are miniature girls and adolescent female dolls for mass users.We are surprised that most of the dolls here are niche and infatuated with young children account for the largest proportion.These dolls have different sizes and heights of appearance. We can roughly summarise the characteristics of these dolls as follows:

Small size dolls: Smaller dolls are usually designed to be more refined and portable, and although there may be less detail, manufacturers will still strive to maintain a high level of simulation. They may have detailed facial features and appropriately proportioned body structure.

Dolls of different heights: For adult dolls of different heights, we can expect a range from petite to close to average human height. Their appearance may include different fashion styles, hairstyles, eye colours and physical characteristics to meet the needs of different customers.

Diversity of appearance: AXB brand dolls can have different races, skin tones and personalisation options to imitate human diversity.

Customisation options: The brand may offer customisation services that allow buyers to choose specific doll characteristics such as hairstyle, eye colour, skin tone, etc., and even body proportions and facial features to create a unique companion.

Material technology

AXB dolls use high quality TPE materials or safe and environmentally friendly silicone materials. On the other hand, the design of these miniature dolls is more multi-joint design, which allows the dolls to have a variety of movements and postures, increasing the manoeuvrability and fidelity when playing and placing.For example, the AXB brand offers TPE material head options suitable for different sizes, such as dolls from 100cm to 110cm, 120cm to 130cm and 140cm to 150cm.


The mobility of AXB brand dolls is more reflected in the multi-joint design of the craft design, which can make more movements and postures.What body movements of these dolls can fully demonstrate the characteristics of the dolls?It is the AXB doll’s limbs that can move and bend in multiple directions, imitating more realistic human movements.For example, doll lovers can give miniature dolls sitting, standing, and even specific physical activity poses.By the way, different doll models may have different numbers and types of joints, which makes each model have its own unique movable characteristics.

Weight balance

Taking into account the different uses and needs of collectors, AXB sex dolls are designed with weight distribution in mind: their structure is designed to be manageable, allowing for comfortable movement without sacrificing a sense of lifelike weight similar to a real person. In essence, the lightweight design makes the dolls easier to carry and place, especially when they are intended to be collected or used as a toy.

Realistic design

Most of AXB’s doll designs are designed for young children or to reshape the appearance of people at different stages of childhood.

For example, the AXB Reborn Baby Doll is a 12″ handmade silicone doll with a silicone vinyl head, full arms and 3/4 length legs. Again, try an AXBDOLL with a distinctive product  description and realistic feature description: https://www.axbdolls.com/140cm-c-3_80/axbdoll-140cm-ga84-tpe-full-body-love-doll-life-size-sex-dolls-p-558.html

GA84# dolls have nuanced facial features and realistic body details.The facial details are very exquisite, with deep eyes and natural facial expressions, giving people a feeling of being close to real people.

Her body proportions are carefully designed to reflect the curves of real women, her reasonable height and proportions make the doll show an extremely natural human form, and her bendable joints can also be designed to imitate a variety of poses of real people. This design makes the doll suitable for both collection and companion use. Use.

Breast elasticity

This attention to realistic touch provides users with a more realistic and enjoyable experience.Of course, you can design different materials and shapes for different miniature dolls, such as B cup size, C cup size and D cup size.

Interaction of private parts

AXB dolls are highly praised for their highly detailed design, making their private parts extremely realistic in close contact with humans.If you want to attach a specific interactive adjustment to the doll’s private parts, you can enhance the actual and realistic experience of the doll.AXB miniature dolls can provide multifunctional interactive functions, and can be customised from the following aspects:

1.  Anatomy inspired design

2. Adjustable temperature

3. Flexibility and clarity

4. Sound and motion response

5. High quality texture

User experience evaluation

The reviews of most users reflect satisfaction and emotional satisfaction. They agree that AXB dolls bring comfort and intimacy that is difficult to find in other products, and the emotional reactions triggered by the lifelike features of these dolls suggest that AXB has successfully bridged the gap between artificial and real.

In terms of craftsmanship and design, AXB brand miniature dolls, fine skin production and flexible joint structure, coupled with durable TPE material, complement each other to provide an impeccable experience.Each model perfectly maintains its elegant shape, and with the included simple maintenance tools, daily maintenance becomes extremely easy.

AXB dolls use advanced physical interaction technology and emotional simulation systems that can provide advanced physical interaction, taking the intimate experience to a new level.Some models are embedded with an adjustable temperature function that imitates the warm touch of human skin.Moreover, the responsive sound feedback system can be individually configured, which can produce a variety of sound effects according to different user interactions, greatly enhancing the emotional interaction and realism of the simulation.The user feedback strongly reflects the emotional and sensory satisfaction that AXB miniature dolls bring.

In terms of visual and emotional experience, the exquisite face of the AXB miniature doll has also been widely praised by users.The vivid eye effect makes the doll seem to have a kind of “spark of life”.Every facial detail, from delicate eyelashes to light pink, has been carefully designed, which greatly enhances the authenticity and attractiveness of the doll.At the same time, users can also choose personal facial styling and make-up to meet their needs for personalisation and emotional attachment.

User favorite advantages and disadvantages


-Ultra-realistic appearance features

-Durable and high-quality materials

-Advanced activity performance for multiple purposes

-Personalized options for more interaction


-High quality and exquisite craftsmanship are reflected in premium pricing

-Maintenance is required to maintain realistic characteristics

In short, AXB dolls reflect the progress of adult companion toys.They not only represent technical excellence, but also an emotional adventure that resonates affectionately with enthusiasts.Whether it’s adding new items to the collection or seeking personal exploration, the lifelike intimacy of AXB dolls will redefine expectations and provide a different sensory experience.

Normondoll new features and highly feel-like sex doll, a few hot distinguish distinct following :

-Normon uniquely adds skin pimple texture structures to human body parts.

-Normondoll dolls are made like lifelike sex dolls with human skin texture.

-Normondoll sexy doll lighter than other brand product.

-these doll, the body surface of Normodoll dolls is matte.