About Starpery Sex Doll Profile, Here you are Looking for Your Love Something

1. Starpery Brand Foreword

Before introducing the features and design of Starpery dolls, let us first understand the origin and mission of this brand. Founded in China, Starpery is a new generation of exquisite high-end sex doll brand. Its original intention is to make sex dolls real enough to have living, warm and intelligent souls, and to provide a different and more real social interaction for lonely or controversial needs. A closer solution in mode.

Unique in aesthetics and technology, the brand respects the needs of each consumer. Starpery not only offers standard styles of dolls, but also accepts customised services to ensure that each user can find a sex partner that meets their aspirations.

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2. Starpery Brand Introduction

As can be seen from the origin of the name, the word Starpery is a combination of “star” and “perery”. Star means “star” in English, and perrery is the state of immersion in Naya’s long-lasting meditation. The image of “belonging to the stars” becomes increasingly loud and charming, reminiscent of the vast universe and planets, as well as all the beautiful stories that may happen.

The Starpery doll brand is known for its realistic features and high-quality craftsmanship. They offer a range of customization options including body makeup, body freckles, bikini lines and skin textures.

In addition, we can get brand mission information from the starpery official website. Starpery’s mission is to improve the authenticity, visual and usage experience of dolls, and make them intelligent, while also working hard to reduce the cost of real dolls so that more people can afford the price of silicone dolls. They sincerely hope that people will enjoy the companionship and joy that a Starpery doll may bring.

Starpery focuses on overseas markets and hopes that more and more friends around the world will like their dolls and, if possible, join them to realize their dream: to serve and help all mankind.

3. Features of Starpery Brand Sex Dolls

3.1 Appearance of sex dolls

People’s first impression of the Starpery sex doll often comes from its appearance. The curves that exceed the proportions of the real body, the deep eyes and the three-dimensional beauty face design often make people fall in love at first sight. The appearance advantages of Starpery dolls are:

REALISTIC FEATURES: From the subtleties that mimic human faces to the realism of sporting details, Starpery dolls capture a variety of characteristics of real humans.

Customization: Starpery allows users to customize the doll according to personal preferences, such as skin texture, freckles, and even bikini lines after sunbathing, providing users with a unique personalized experience.

Quality craftsmanship: The company pays attention to every detail of doll production to ensure that each doll can show the best quality and authenticity.

Diversified choices: Starpery provides various types of dolls, such as Asian details, realistic proportions, and even BBW styles, to meet different market needs.

BBW Sex Doll series

Starpery dolls have breast designs that really attract attention. The dolls are made of soft and stretchy material (TPE) that seems to have a rhythm to the touch, gently vibrating with every touch of the user. Especially dolls with oversized cup designs, their breasts not only visually highlight the plumpness, but also provide extraordinary pleasure to the touch.

Future intelligence and interaction: The upcoming AI technology and bionic walking function indicate that Starpery dolls will provide interactive capabilities beyond the traditional use experience.

3.2 Material Technology

Starpery doll is made of high quality simulated soft rubber TPE, which feels soft and smooth, has good flexibility and can respond to a variety of sexual positions. The brand’s focus on material technology that deserves recognition: the introduction of version 4.0 of doll production technology. From 2021, Starpery will be the first brand in the sex doll industry to use TPE and silicone doll weight reduction technology. They have worked not only to maintain the softness of the doll, but also to optimise its weight. However, when the original weight reduction techniques were used in production, they encountered difficulties with standardised weight reduction, which sometimes resulted in dolls that were somewhat stiff or overweight. For example, Starpery’s 172 body model is approximately 5.3 kilos lighter than the 3.0 version of the W.R. weight reduction version, while maintaining a more realistic softness.

Starpery Weight Reduction Tech 4.0

3.3 Remarkable weight characteristics

In addition to their realistic appearance, Starpery dolls also overcome the problem of overweight associated with traditional silicone dolls. They are kept at 50-55kg and can be easily lifted with one hand. This is particularly important for daily transport and use, reducing the owner’s threshold for use and the actual cost of use.

Why do we have such lighter and more realistic chubby dolls? Compared to competitor’s dolls, Starpery dolls not only have simulated human skin elasticity and touch, but users can also feel the soft texture of real people on the doll’s face, chest, abdomen and limbs. In addition, it is the first time in the sex doll industry to adopt the process of reducing the weight of TPE or silicone dolls.

The weight-saving techniques implemented focus primarily on the doll’s internal construction, such as using lighter frame materials and optimizing internal padding. They can also use advanced foam materials to replace some of the traditional solid silicone structures. This not only reduces weight, but also maintains the integrity of the mould, ensuring consistent softness throughout the doll’s body.

3.4 Flexibility and control

The flexibility of Starpery dolls is a common feature with other brands of dolls. This flexibility comes from the design of their internal bones. The bones, usually made of metal or hard plastic, provide stable structural support while keeping the joints flexible and mobile. This means that users can bend the doll into various possible human postures, greatly enhancing the authenticity of user interaction.

In terms of control, the weight-reducing technology used here means that the user can more easily move the puppet and hold it in certain positions. Due to the reduced weight, the user does not feel too tired when moving large dolls, which makes the doll more manoeuvrable.

With regard to dolls of different sizes, Starpery uses weight reduction technology to make even larger dolls lighter without compromising their overall appearance and texture. For example, a full-size doll may be quite heavy without weight reduction technology, but after Starpery applies weight reduction technology, the weight can be greatly reduced, making such a doll easier for users to move and place. At the same time, details such as the curvature of limbs and fingers can be well simulated and supported.

3.5 Real privacy experience

Starpery brand dolls are designed to provide an experience as close to a real human being as possible. Yes, the multi-experience of sex users is focused on having sex with simulation dolls and playing in different sex positions.

A truly intimate touch experience is not only about how the doll looks, but also how the doll feels physically when interacting with the user. For example, when hugging, kissing or making more intimate contact, users can clearly feel the doll’s body temperature, softness and pressure. These features are achieved by using advanced silicone or TPE materials.

In terms of sexual experience, the weight reduction technology makes it easier for users to control the doll and explore different positions and angles, providing a more varied action experience. The doll’s flexibility and ease of manipulation allows users to be more experimental, adding freshness and excitement to the interaction. In addition, the specific design of the doll, including joint flexibility and detailed modelling of parts, is designed to simulate real human reactions to enhance the user’s senses and emotional engagement.

In terms of functional experience, Starpery brand dolls provide good interactive experience requirements: moaning, hearting and clamp&suction.

Moaning, contains 5 touch sensors distributed on the doll’s chest, thighs and upper vagina. When in use, touch these areas and the doll will moan.

Hearing uses graphene material to rapidly heat the body within 30 minutes and automatically shuts off when the upper temperature limit is reached. This method of heating is efficient and safe. You can also watch the heating process in real time via a dedicated app, adding even more real individual warmth.

Clamp&suction, close contact with the vagina becomes more attractive than ordinary dolls, and can achieve the real and delicate tension brought by various sexual contact with simulated mature women. How to operate, by connecting the device and the doll body, press and hold the button for about 3-5 seconds to turn on/off, users can choose three different modes to bring extra stimulation and satisfaction to sex.

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Starpery dolls are characterised by a focus on authenticity, lifelike appearance and intelligent functionality. The use of weight-reducing technology allows even plump dolls to provide a better experience. The chest design is not only visually striking, but also provides an incredible sense of realism to the touch. Through the intelligent functions of moaning, heating, clamping and adsorption, the Starpery doll can provide sexual users with an extremely realistic and intimate experience.

We can take a look at the blonde sex doll Bella Young Gal on the Starpery website. This 171cm C cup doll is designed to look like a noble queen, with cold and elegant eyes, a charming nose and mouth, and long golden hair, giving her a fairy-like appearance. The doll is made from a TPE body and silicone head, giving a soft, smooth and flexible body at an affordable price. Bella offers a variety of customisation options including skin tone, head type, hairstyle, eye colour, breast shape, pubic type, body realism, frame type, finger selection and extra features such as moaning function, heating function and pubic hair.

This highly customisable doll offers a realistic and comfortable experience with its malleable alloy frame that can be posed in a variety of ways, just like a real person. The doll, which has been treated with weight-saving technology, weighs 31 kilograms (without the head) and comes with a travel case with wheels for easy portability.

5 pros and cons of Starpeys branded dolls

Every product has its pros and cons, and Starpery’s sex dolls are no exception.

5.1 Pros

– Highly lifelike, soft and simulated touch

– Offers a variety of customised services to meet individual needs

– Clean and safe, the material is antibacterial and easy to clean

– Offers flexible joint design to accommodate multiple postures

5.2 Cons

– The product has a higher price and is more expensive for ordinary users

– Product maintenance requires certain skills and careful maintenance is required after use. Compared with other similar brands, Starpery dolls tend to be more high-end, so the price is naturally higher than ordinary dolls. At the same time, as a designer sex toy, you also need to have a certain awareness of storage and maintenance. aintenance.

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